This is our list of lucky participants. We will distribute airdrop tokens starting by 2nd of June. Please be patient.

A total of 10,000 lucky participants can get rewards this time!

Check the list here

If you are not on the list, please look forward to our next airdrop, thank you!

Stay tune for more updates. 📌

GoldCake is a community coin governed by the community. Our dev team have enabled community to speak out their decision via GoldCake App system.

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Buy-Back Bi-Weekly Buy-Back strategy is the method of establishing the price and percentage of GoldCake Token in circulation. This gives rise to each asset and has the ability for financial development for investors. This strategy shows that the industry have enough equity to run the project smoothly with the rewards and prizes for investors in the form of GoldCake Token, This is a guarantee for early investors/adopters of GoldCake token.

The majority of games nowadays circulating are online games with a centralized network, this centralized network implies that all data both logins and passwords are stored on the server and regulated by the administrator or owner of the game app. However, this is different from the Blockchain Game and Dapp concept, no data stored and regulated by the administrator or game app owner. GoldCake Games enable you to play for fun and generate GoldCake Tokens using a decentralized and system that is transparent.

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GoldCake Cross Chain Wallet enables blockchains to communicate to one

another. This will be make available on iOS, Android and web extension

with several features.

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We have now successfully closed presale.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Check out our Buy-Back Program below

Did you noticed the new feature added by @Pancakeswap on V2❓

They move faster ahead of us and added BUY-BACK program on their V2 app that recently released , check the image below.

Never too worry❗️ We have many more to implement. We are the main competitor in BSC Market.

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Check chart here

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#GoldCake #BSC #staking #TokenSale #DeFi

How do you see our farming interface? Looks simple to use?

Check the roadmap here


GoldPancakeSwap Finance (GoldCake) is a decentralized exchange for instant swap of BEP-20 tokens, staking, yield farm, gamification, NFTs and cross chain wallet

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